Townsend Winona Road
The purpose of this CMAR project was to complete pavement rehabilitation activities consisting of pavement repairs, drainage enhancements, widening, bus-pullouts, and mill and overlay. The Woodson survey crew established control, conducted topographic surveys, and prepared temporary/construction easements. We completed all aspects of roadway design from 60% to 100% plans, and PS&E submittals, as well as post-design services.
Parking and Streets Maintenance
This was a pavement optimization project for streets and parking lots across the entire NAU campus for 2017, 2018 and 2019. We provided a report that assessed the existing conditions, use, recommended treatment, costs and prioritized projects. Subsequent services included: topographic survey, design, construction documents and construction administration. Projects have consisted of crack fill, patches, subgrade correction, seal coats, and other pavement rejuvenation techniques. For areas with high traffic loading, such as bus stops, we provided economical solutions for new sections using geotechnical analysis.

Stormwater and Flood Control