Our survey department has over 50 years of experience in Arizona and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Are you considering LIDAR, drone, or 3-D mapping technology for your project? We can provide an unbiased recommendation on the most effective tool to get the job done.

With an internal surveying department we set our own priorities and can mobilize our survey crew quickly, introducing time-savings into project schedules. We understand the site conditions and issues that are likely to be encountered and we can conduct field recon during or prior to scoping to provide accurate pricing and scheduling proposals. Our survey and engineering staff work together, and we offer a team-centered approach to finding solutions.

The survey department is led by Jim Folkers, RLS, as Survey Manager, with Grant Evans as Project Manager, Chris Hull, RLS, as Survey Crew Chief and Brian Mansker, as Survey Crew Technician. Other Woodson staff are registered land surveyors and/or have surveying experience that complements the crew as needed. With this team we provide over 20 surveying services in addition to analytical support to our planning and design team:

  • Construction Staking
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Subdivision Layouts and Surveys
  • Resource Surveys
  • Boundary, Cadastral Surveys
  • Topographic Survey
  • Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Negotiations for Property Acquisition
  • Parcel Splits
  • Property Ownership and Easement Research
  • Legal Descriptions, Research, Recording
  • GIS Surveys
  • GPS Database Input and Management
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • Coordination and Control for Aerial Surveys
  • Alignment Studies
The Village at Aspen Place

See our photo gallery of recent featured projects, such as the Village at Aspen Place consisting of 33,000 SF of retail, a public plaza at the first floor, four stories of 222 residential units and a five story parking garage. The Woodson team provided both civil engineering and land surveying services for this development.