Stormwater and Flood Control

FLO-2D Flood Study

In a recent flood study conducted in a municipality in northern Arizona the hydrologic analysis was performed using a FLO-2D model. FLO-2D software is a powerful tool that can generate 2-dimensional dynamic flood routing models that simulate channel flow, unconfined overland flow, and street flow. It can also simulate a flood over complex topography and roughness while reporting on volume conservation. The hydrologic analysis in our study includes four FLO-2D domains for the offsite watershed area and one FLO-2D domain for the onsite watershed area to accommodate varying grid sizes.

Copeland Detention Basins
Woodson did the survey and design for the Copeland Regional Detention Basin project for the Coconino County Flood Control District. We designed two detention basins and three sedimentation basins on an 80-acre parcel on US 89, north of Flagstaff. These improvements were required to protect US 89 from overtopping and to regulate the flows that initiate within the Schultz Fire burn area.

Municipal Engineering