Public Works

Municipal engineering is one of Woodson’s specialties and we have successfully delivered hundreds of municipal projects in our 25 years. Our process for delivering municipal engineering tasks and projects has been largely driven by the firm’s experiences: 1) with public entities, 2) as agency/municipal staff, 3) by serving as Town/City Engineers on a contractual basis, and 4) by delivering projects as consultants. We currently have contracts as City or Town Engineer as well as providing on-call services. We do not provide services to any one municipality full time – our clients utilize us on an as-needed basis. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Utilities – including water and wastewater system replacement, as well as new utility design; systems modeling
  • Drainage and Flood Control – hydrology, hydraulics, and floodplain studies including local storm drains and detention basins to major flood control projects.
  • Transportation – specializing in roadway reconstruction and improvements, streetscape and beautification elements, pedestrian and ADA improvements, and urban trail systems.
  • Municipal Engineering – including plan review, planning and programming of capital improvement plans and contract municipal engineering.
  • Construction Management – Preparing construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates, bidding assistance, bid phase and post-bid phase services, and overall construction administration.
  • Facilitating project delivery methods including standard Design/Bid/Build, and alternative Design/Build and Construction Manager at Risk methods.

We have also helped many municipalities throughout the region plan for and manage growth over the past 25 years. These services have included review of water and sewer main capacity, traffic studies, water and treated effluent systems modeling.

Apache Sewer Parallel
The Apache Sewer Parallel provides the City of Winslow with increased sewer capacity for the future. A key component of this project is boring a 48-inch sleeve under Interstate 40 for a new line that must have a slope of only .09%.

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