John Rubel

John Rubel – CAD Technician

John brings over 12 years of technical experience as an engineering professional in drafting, design, and cartography on a wide variety of projects. He also has a background in reading and interpreting legal documents, surveying, surveys, plat maps, technical drawing and spatial analysis. He studied GIS and Engineering at Northern Arizona University and he specializes in AutoCAD drafting and the ESRI ArcGIS Suite at Woodson, as well as HEC-RAS software.


  • GIS and Engineering, Northern Arizona University

Project Experience
GIS Mapping, City of Winslow – John has been migrating our extensive utilities systems data from AutoCAD into GIS. He has helped to prepare the Winslow GIS database containing the City’s infrastructure information including water and wastewater systems, stormwater systems and flood data. This new map allows City field crews to quickly locate water valves, fire hydrants, manholes, and pipe locations while in the field with user friendly software on a mobile device.

Campus-Wide Street and Parking Assessment and ADA Compliance Report, NAU – This is pavement optimization project for streets and parking lots across the entire NAU campus. John assisted in the preparation of the report that assessed the existing conditions, use, recommended treatment, costs and prioritized projects. John worked with the PM to prepare a second component of the project which included evaluating each parking lot for parking lot ADA compliance, focusing on the dimensions, striping, signage, slopes, layout, and accessible paths of existing ADA spaces.

Stormwater Master Plan, City of Williams – John prepared a comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan for the City of Williams which included the results of our hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, storm water performance criteria, hazard mitigation, FEMA Flood Plain identification, pollution mitigation, and O&M recommendations.

Infrastructure Assessment Report, Camp Navajo – John conducted field investigations, coordinated with subconsultants and prepared exhibits and maps to prepare an Infrastructure Assessment Report to document the existing electrical, gas, communication systems and storm drainage systems; provide accurate comprehensive system maps; provide initial system information followed by a subsequent system investigation including additional location work and a thorough condition assessment of the dry utility and storm drainage systems on the Camp.