James A. Folkers

James A. Folkers, RLS – Survey Manager

_MG_1058 jim_webJim has over 45 years of land surveying experience in northern Arizona and has been with Woodson since 2011. He has extensive experience in the fieldwork and preparation of final drawings of cadastral surveys, topographical surveys, and of final drawings and property descriptions of boundary surveys, parcel splits and easements. He has participated in or supervised a large number of design surveys.  He has performed numerous ALTA/NSPS Land title surveys and prepared numerous FEMA Elevation Certificates.  He is a property boundary specialist, and has served as an expert witness on a number of occasions, including for the Arizona State Attorney General’s office.  Jim served as the sole non-governmental surveyor in the United States to assist in preparing the examination for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Certified Federal Surveyor program.


  • DeVry Institute of Technology
  • BS, Northern Arizona University


  • Registered Land Surveyor, Arizona, R.L.S. 18215


  • AZ Professional Land Surveyors Education Foundation
  • AZ Board of Technical Registration Enforcement Advisory Committee member
  • Public Land Survey System Education Foundation
  • National Society of Professional Surveyors
  • Western Federation of Professional Surveyors

Project Experience:
Dogtown Waterline, City of Williams – This project involves survey and design of 15 miles of new waterlines. The survey tasks include boundary surveys as the proposed alignment rosses 30 private parcels, where corners were located. We also performed a field survey of pertinent portions of these parcels. Our survey department also used an aerial mapping firm to map a 100-foot-wide strip along the existing and proposed corridors. This work is supplemented with conventional field survey work. We prepared a map showing the results of our findings, including contour lines with a 1-foot interval.

NAU Field House and Ice Rink, NAU – We provided professional surveying services for NAU for the ice rink project at the Field House done by CORE Construction. This was a small surveying project limited to locating a number of items inside the NAU Field House and sanitary sewer manhole rim and invert elevations.

Drainage System Evaluation and Improvement Report, Camp Navajo – This report assessed the drainage system conditions and determined the improvements needed to protect assets such as the igloos used for munitions storage, railroads, and roads.  We began this work with an inventory of all major and minor components and an aerial topographic survey to determine drainage patterns. We also conducted a field survey to obtain detailed culvert location and elevation information.  We created a project base map to document all relevant information.

Timber Sky,  Flagstaff – We performed all the surveying for this is a 200-acre, 1500-unit development in Flagstaff which included a boundary survey, ALTA survey, topographic survey, and natural resources inventory survey, an infrastructure plan with water and sewer system analysis and design, a drainage report, and stormwater management. After Woodson provided all planning, surveying and engineering, the project moved to construction in spring, 2018.

City of Flagstaff – Numerous boundary, control and topographic surveys for various projects including Pulliam Airport Water Storage Tank, Flagstaff Urban Trail System, Reclaimed Water Line, Rio Homes, Sunnyside Improvements – Phase II, LiDAR mapping elevation evaluation, and Observatory Mesa ALTA/ASCM Land Title Survey.

Aspen Place at Sawmill, Flagstaff, AZ – ALTA/ASCM Land Title Survey, construction staking, platting of 6,000,000 cu. ft. condominium.

I-40 Cosnino Traffic Interchange, Flagstaff – Completed an extremely complex ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey of 400+ acres at the I-40 and Cosnino Road Traffic Interchange which involved overlapping easements and other complex issues.