Industrial Development

Kingman Wind Farm

We provided surveying and engineering services for an unpaved access route from Old Route 66, across the BNSF mainline track, and connecting to the newly constructed unpaved road. The road through this challenging rugged, mountainous terrain provided access for the installation of a wind farm south of Kingman, AZ. We conducted the boundary and topographic survey for 640 acres, a centerline survey, a transportation plan for turbine components, and a low-water crossing design.

Peabody Mine Reclamation

We assist Peabody Energy Corporation in their ongoing effort to affect the release of mine-closure bonds for mined-out areas in northeastern Arizona. The work often includes preparing drainage feature maps, and surface mapping to determine areas of additional grading to more closely match the pre-mining topography. We used the Carlson Natural Regrade software for landform design to minimize material handling, erosion and to create a sustainable post-mine surface environment. As part of a recent mine reclamation effort, we designed a spring relocation which involved collecting the spring water with a system of tiered pipes and redistributing it through a broad network of perforated pipes that enable better infiltration. Our post design services have included Bid Assistance and Construction Management.

Cultural Campuses