Water Master Plan, City of Williams


In 2014, the City of Williams implemented Stage 4 water restrictions – its highest level. Historically, the City relied on surface water; however, several dry winters lowered reservoirs to alarming levels. Under the restrictions, the City Council put a moratorium on building permits. In 2017 Woodson was retained to complete a Water Master Plan.

Surveying and Engineering

Woodson’s survey team completed a field survey to document the location and existence of water valves, fire, hydrants, tanks, wells, and booster pump stations. In addition, as-built drawings and old water system maps were used to build an AutoCAD/GIS map of the system.

Our team prepared a water model to simulate the water system under a variety of flow conditions and demand scenarios. We collected data on water production, water usage, fire hydrant flow tests, and system component elevations to input into the model for calibration and to closely simulate the system operation.


We also provided detailed analysis of the system vulnerabilities, recommended improvements, and costs that the City can use for capital improvement planning. The City is moving forward on all of the key water system improvements concerning supply, supply transmission, distribution and storage identified in the Water Master Plan. The improvements will produce redundancy, greater operational flexibility, water and energy savings and increased supply reliability.

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