Chris Hull

Chris Hull, RLS – Project Manager

Chris began his career in Land Surveying with the successful completion of the Surveying & Mapping program at the Denver Institute of Technology.  He started at Woodson in 1998. Over the years he has taken on a number of different roles, such as Instrument Operator, CADD Technician, Survey Crew Chief and Project Manager.  He has operated a variety of survey equipment including total stations, data collectors and GPS units.  His field experience includes gathering all the necessary information to complete boundary surveys, topographic surveys and ALTA surveys.  Chris is able to complete all aspects of a survey project including research, field survey work and drafting the final survey map. As Project Manager, he oversees and is responsible for the successful completion of the fieldwork and drafting on the projects he manages. If you see Chris in the field, chances are you will also see his dog Roxy. 


  • Surveying & Mapping, Denver Institute of Technology, CO, 1995


  • Registered Land Surveyor, Arizona, #39469, 2003
  • Registered Land Surveyor, Utah, #56141302201, 2004
  • Registered Land Surveyor, Colorado, #37951, 2005
  • FAA-Certified Remote Pilot


  • Arizona Professional Land Surveyors

Recent Project Experience
Village at Aspen Place – Chris provided construction staking services to ensure the proper placement of the 5-story multi-use building and parking garage along with the necessary utility lines and underground infrastructure. 

Hope Street and Autumn Breeze – Drainage Improvements, City of Prescott – Our survey team supported the design of the Woodson Engineering Department on this drainage mitigation project. They conducted a topographic survey and right-of-way investigation to verify that locations for improvements were City-owned.

Navajo Route # 41, Kayenta, AZ – Chris was responsible for setting and locating the aerial targets used to map 11 miles of road for the Peabody Coal Mine.

NAIPTA Mountain Links – Chris provided the necessary construction layout in order to build the bus route through the Northern Arizona University campus, and other bus stop locations throughout Flagstaff.

Fourth Street Survey, City of Flagstaff – Detailed topographic survey to locate existing monuments and improvements on both sides of Fourth Street from Rt. 66 to Ce-dar Avenue; Researched and helped to resolve incredibly com-plicated ROW issues.

Navajo Generating Station, Zachry/DRA/PCL – Provided Surveying services on several projects and clients including locating existing channels; staking new channels; and general construction staking.

Dry Creek Road, Yavapai County – Chris conducted the topogrpahic survey for this federally funded pavement replacement project, since the project is partially in the Coconino National Forest. Woodson has conducted all survey and design with the set of plans required for review by ADOT who is ad-ministering the federal funds.

Tusayan Mapping Project – Chris was responsible for setting and locating over 30 aerial targets used to map the Town of Tusayan at a 1-foot contour interval.